Canjump Game

Relax and play Canjump unblocked to show your jumping skills! If you think you are a good jumper, you can prove your ability in this title and take this chance to hone it. Canjump free online was developed by PitiDev and released in April 2020 as an HTML5 game and a mobile app, which means you can totally play the game for free on desktop or on your mobile phone.

Canjump game features several game modes for you to pick and master, including classic mode, death mode, time attack, and infinite run. Each game mode delivers a fun experience to you. Feel free to pick your favorite mode to play, and make sure you try all of them to experience all challenges. The game is all about jumping through obstacles to complete all the given challenges. In the classic mode, you are allowed to replay the levels you have completed in any order that you like. In the death mode, you are equipped with 5 lives to finish the game in just one shot and this mode is only for the professionals. In time attack mode, you will jump and race against the clock, try your best to finish the game in the least amount of time possible. In infinite run mode, you will run and jump through the wasteland full of obstacles, and you need to avoid them all for as long as possible. Although you just need to jump to finish the game, you still need to do it at the right time if you want to win. Will you beat all the game modes to become the best jumper? Play Canjump for free and have fun with it!

How to play Canjump

Use the mouse or the spacebar, or A to jump. Touch the screen to jump when playing the game on mobile.

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