Leevz.io Game

Prove your survivability in Leevz.io unblocked – a new free survival io set in browsers. The game focuses on plants trying to fight one another and improving themselves to become the best. There are three different plants for you to choose from. Pick your favorite one then step into the arena to show your skills.

You can play as a pansy (ranged), rose (melee), or mushroom (magic). Each of them is equipped with different abilities and characteristics. To be more specific, Pansy can help you dispatch seeds flying straight to your enemies, Rose can help you pierce anything because it has military-grade thorns, while Mushroom can let you surprise your opponents using a poison splash. You’d better make use of the special abilities that your plant has in order to outplay other players and stop them from killing you. As you kill enemies or farm water drops, sunrays, fertilizers, as well as insects, you will get more XP. Once you have had enough XP, you will proceed to the next level. Leveling up will allow you to evolve your current plant to a different one with new skills. You can upgrade to a giant tree too! You should play with smart strategies and tactics to get an edge over other players, which takes you closer to the ultimate victory. The point of Leevz.io free online is to become the most powerful plant in the arena. There are more other io games like this, such as Starve.io. You can play them if you want! Have fun!

How to play Leevz.io

Move your character using WASD, use the mouse to aim, the left mouse button for the primary ability, the right mouse button or R for the secondary ability, use E for special ability, T for auto shoot primary ability, and Y for auto spin.

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