Polic.io Game

Polic.io unblocked is a free racing io game online in which you have to race against opponents from around the world. You take the role of a police officer trying to arrest other players while making sure that you will get caught. The gameplay of Polic.io free game will keep you entertained for hours! You begin the game as a red car trying to escape away from police officers (blue cars). Make sure you will not get caught by them, otherwise, the game will be over. If you want to become an officer, you need to pick up blue particles on the ground until your blue boost tank is full. Once you have become a police officer, you can start chasing the red players.

In Polic.io free, the winner plays the role of an officer for a short time and the loser will experience a punishment with some advantages, such as speed reduction, position revealed on the minimap, and point reduction. You can challenge other players to an epic race in Polic.io free online. To do this, you have to collect a race token (green), approach them, and wait for them to accept the challenge. If somebody challenges you, you can accept their challenges too. During the game, make sure you find the yellow mark on the map because it shows the place you have to go to complete it. Watch out for your surroundings and keep an eye on the minimap as it displays some things like arrests, car bumps, race losers, and new officers. Can you beat all of your opponents? Enjoy the game now!

How to play Polic.io

Use the left mouse button to speed up, the right mouse button to accept race challenge, use the mouse wheel scroll or X to stop challenging, and use number keys 1-5 for emotes.

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