Game unblocked is one of the latest io games with top-down gameplay, stealth, and fun elements. The battles can range from 1vs1 to 8 players in the same arena. It’s all about shooting enemies in rounds, but still, it requires you to have good strategies, nice tactics, and a good spirit if you want to win. Feel free to play game online in your browser to experience all challenges!

You become a stealth player trying to defeat all enemies in the arena. You start the game with just 10 bullets, which means you have to use them smartly to deal damage to your opponents. When you are not shooting, the bullets will recharge through over time. However, the gun sound can be emitted when you shoot, which exposes your position to enemies. You have to be careful whenever you want to shoot someone. You need to cover yourself in the crowd of decoys and take on enemies who don’t know about your existence. There is a wide array of power-ups as well as stage hazards for you to utilize to outplay the enemies. You are recommended to pick off enemies that are close to power-ups then collect them for yourself. Try to kill one then use a stealth power-up to become invisible and go back into the crowd. For each kill you get, you will get a bigger range. If you die, your name will grey out in the upper left corner. Try not to die, otherwise, the game will be over. When there are no enemies left, you will win the round, and first to four victors the match!

How to play

Use the left mouse button for the movement, click the right mouse or Q to shoot, and activate power-ups using the spacebar.

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