Roly-Poly Monsters

Roly-Poly Monsters Game

Roly-Poly Monsters unblocked is a game like Angry Birds. It was launched in December 2009 as a flash game, but it April 2020, the game received an update, which makes it a WebGL game now. Roly-Poly Monsters free online is also a mobile app that was released in October 2007 for Android and iOS. This title was created by Eugene Kuzmin and Vladimir Gusev. You can play the game for free in your browser or on mobile to experience awesome challenges.

The point of Roly-Poly Monsters game is to shoot bombs to eliminate all monsters. Since the game took inspiration from the famous Angry Birds game, you will find the gameplay mechanic very familiar and you will get used to it easily at your first tries. You are equipped with explosive cannonballs that can be shot very far to attack all the targets. These targets are wicked monsters that must be destroyed. However, they are so far away from you, which requires you to have careful shots if you want to win. You need to make use of fun physics contraptions for kills. It’s not just only shooting the cannonballs right in your hands, but you also need to take aim accurately to secure a victory. If the monsters get shot by you, they will scream and will be eliminated from the play area. You should hear them scream when shooting them! Will you defeat all monsters in this title? Play it now! Have fun!

How to play Roly-Poly Monsters

Shoot the cannonballs at monsters using the left mouse button.

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