Run Heroes Online

Run Heroes Online Game

Run Heroes Online is a racing game from the io games series. If you want to know how fast you can run, you should play this free game in your browser to test your skills and experience great challenges. The game features 20 cute heroes for you to pick from. Feel free to choose the one you like then get ready for the race.

When you start the race in Run Heroes Online unblocked, you need to know that the map is very huge and you have to run across it trying to collect as many stars as possible. These stars are known as a valuable resource in the game because without them, you will not get any power-ups. Whenever you pick up enough 15 stars, you will be rewarded with a random power-up that can boost your strength and help you win over other opponents. The power-ups include Score Doubler that doubles your score, Speed-Booster that grows your speed by 1.5x times, and Magnetic that will auto-collect all nearby stars. You should make use of them to get an edge over other players as well as have a higher chance to win. However, these power-ups last 8 seconds, so you should use them smartly during that time to strengthen yourself. Pay attention to your surroundings and speculate your enemies’ moves so you can outplay them. The point of Run Heroes Online free game is to become the best running hero in the race. Play this racing game now and don’t forget to explore other racing io games!

How to play Run Heroes Online

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character. Use B for power-ups, including Score Doubler, Speed-Booster, and Magnetic.

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