How Dare You

How Dare You Game

How Dare You unblocked is a nice HTML5 game about a monk being disturbed by enemies. The game was first released as a flash game in April 2014, but it received an update in April 2020 as an HTML5. You can play How Dare You free online on desktop or on mobile phone. The game was developed by The Shpufa (George Kobyakov). In the game, you take control of a monk trying to chase anyone who dares to disturb you. No one is permitted to ruin the deepest meditation of the monk. But some enemies dare to do that, so now they must be defeated and get punishment from you. You can launch the monk with different levels and let him stomp on enemies on his way as well as collect more power-ups to boost his strength. Adjust the monk’s power and use it smartly to outplay all enemies. Play How Dare You free game now to show your skills!

How to play How Dare You

Control your player’s position on the screen using the left/right mouse buttons. Click the mouse to jump, use the spacebar to activate “Rush Ride” when it is available. Select control options from the main menu.

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